Let it be shown in riso, that we travelled the suburbs, hunting for flowers on a bike in the Joburg rain.

There is something about printing with riso that feels so close to embroidery. Possibly because it has a few components that are the reasons I love sewing.

There are bright colours (obviously!) and how they interact with each other. There are layers and incredible textures when you explore closer. The fact that’s its a hands-on printing process. Perhaps it is that it’s used in comic books, and is the less ‘premium and polished’ version. Much like how embroidery is dismissed as women’s work or outdated.

The more I print with riso I realise the uniqueness that each piece has. In a world of rapid turn-over of digital content what I love in the riso printing process is how a digital image takes an organic life of its own. There is no room for expectations and perfectionism. Just texture and colour; thousands of brightly coloured dots interacting and an image that gently glows.

This image is a collaboration with Adam Vinokur and printed with DreamPress


Print of hand in bougainvillaea printed in 4 colour riso on acid-free paper

289 x 420 mm / 11.38 x 16.5 inches

Limited edition of 25 prints.

All prints are signed, editioned and printed on archival paper with the riso printing process.

Please allow for 5 – 10 working days for prints to be shipped.

Shipping included

A little note on the shipping: To guarantee the safe delivery of my artworks, products and prints I have opted to only ship with FedEx and their Local & International Priority Shipping service. This mean’s you’ll receive a tracking number and receive your order in little to no time, as opposed to the local South African Postal Service where I’ve experienced too many headaches with delays and missing parcels in the past. I do receive amazing shipping rates from them, always to keep you happy!
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