Custom kits of my Favourite Finds

Carefully and lovingly curated, these kits contain everything you need to create your own embroidered piece. Limited to 35 and never to be created in the same way, this edition is called BACKYARD BARBIE.

Each kit includes:

  • LDH snips
  • Airasable pen
  • Dressmakers pencil
  • Velvet pencil
  • Technical pen
  • Gelly Roll
  • Quilters pencil
  • Pencil sack
  • DMC Needles
  • Ceramic needle keeper made by Lichen and Leaf
  • Seam ripper
  • Washi tape
  • 190mm lipped hoop
  • 6-inch bamboo display hoop
  • Fabric: calico, shweshwe,  Kaffe Fasset cotton linen
  • Black linen, pre-shrunk
  • Green linen, pre-shrunk and stretched on a wooden frame (re-usable)
  • Carbon paper
  • Water-soluble paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Thread floss card – 16 x 5m stranded bamboo
  • Thread – 1 x 5m stranded cotton exclusive colour from House of Embroidery
  • Thread – 1 x 5m stranded Tropicana from House of Embroidery
  • Limited edition riso and glitter screen print
  • Kits arrive in a Sew Far Sew Good box.
  • A private video about the items and how I use them all <3


Please note: These kits do not include a pattern, but are to provide you with all the goods to inspire and create.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 410 × 305 × 45 mm