I would like to thank everyone who have taken interest in featuring me and my work or have taken a moment to read a little about what I do. In this attention economy with infinite content your time and consideration is deeply appreciated.




Cosmopolitan Germany

Evening Standard magazine (UK)

Nisha (Isreal)

Casa de Jardim

Grazia SA – June 3 2016

Creative with Workbox

Be Inspired with Workbox 2016 Annual – Cover artist

Handmade Graphics – Published by MONSA 2016

The Sunday Times (10 July 2016)

Homespun Australia

COUCH magazine, Germany

Mr-X stitch 2017 Calander

Metropolitan International

Sarie (Feb 2017)

Just Sunday: Edition 2

Czech Cosmopolitan March 2017

Docrafts Creativity (UK)

The Lake 2015