This is the second edition of Fiance’s Favourite Finds.

The first edition Acid Reign was an edition of 20, and I was blown away when they all sold out in 20 minutes! The second edition is limited to 35 kits. The first 15 kits are available for pre-sale now.



Although still in process, I can share some things! As a little taster, in this kit, there are two pieces of Russian linen. I get the linen washed and pre-shrunk. The obnoxiously green linen has been professionally stretched on a wooden frame which is also reusable.

Lichen and Leaf will be creating needle-keepers again, but this time they are going to be ceramic. I have sourced industrial magnets, so the attraction levels are going to be both in looks and science!

A special Backyard Barbie print will be added to the kit and all stationery is printed on riso with Dream Press.

For threads, I have added two brands. There are 16 colours of Bamboo yarn, hand-dyed in Cape Town by Vinni. Vinni’s Colours is a women-run business started by Vinni herself in a Kitchen some years ago. She had a love for knitting and crotchet but found the colours available at her local wool shop boring so as one does, she started to dye her own threads. Now she runs a well-respected factory and creates employment for women in the area. The lustre on this 8 strand bamboo is stunning and it is so smooth to work with! We also have 2 twists of cotton from House of Embroidery, one from the Tropicana range (who remembers that fruity milk drink!?) and a variegated Backyard Barbie orange, specially dyed for us, never to be made again!

I’ve added the LDH prism snips again because they are unbeatable as well as velvet pencils because we deserve to feel regal with our HBs!

The list goes on!

Hoops, shweshwe and Kaffe Fasset cotton fats (fabric squares), chunky green washi tape, a variety of pens, pencils and papers. All of this so that you can start sewing immediately



As the last add-on for this kit, I will be providing a private link to a video. This video will show you how I use all the items. I’ll share all my tricks and tips so that nothing gets lost! You will get this link in the kit!


This price includes international priority shipping worldwide!


While I know there are a squillion amazing kits out there I wanted to create something special and unique, limited and curated. This is why I created Fiance’s Favourite Finds. This is the Amazon opposite. Every piece in here has either helped my process or captured my heart! A lot of these items have their own background and stories while some are created exclusively for this edition. 

Each edition is limited and I will never replicate a kit in that specific combination again.

These boxes are filled with items I have discovered as the best to work with through trial and error. Some are imported from Canada, Russia and Côte d’Ivoire while others are made with love in a sunny-ish Cape Town and bright but icy Johannesburg.

I love sharing the stories and making all the extra pieces unique.

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