Queer Africa 2 launch

finally got my own copy of Queer Africa 2 at the premier book launch in Joburg on Saturday. It was an unbelievable event with people queuing outside the hall for the readings. I even got to embarrass myself by rambling about the cover art. QA2 is an anthology of stories from around the continent about the different ways we love each other, and I really feel like that spirit of love was in the air at the launch. As CHEESY as it sounds, it was magical. A massive thank you to the friends and strangers who let me sew their faces for this project that I think is both meaningful and important.

You can see more of the embroidered portraits here

And you can order the book here: https://www.exclusivebooks.co.za/product/9781928215424

17th May 2017

Thank you!

14th July 2017


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