Merging with the mono

Every now and then you have an idea that sits at the back of your mind annoying you. Kind of like the kid at the back of the class room, throwing paper at you as soon as you are not looking. Reminding you that its there, but you cant quite do anything about it. I finally got to feed that feeling this week when I brought out a monoprint I made about 18 months ago while doing a class at Pangolin Prints in Newlands. I had been working with paper and was curious at how the ink would translate onto fabric. I rustled up so scrap cotton and created a simple monoprint onto it. Turns out it translates just fine, and is a happy host for some embroidery too. This is just my first, but I’m excited to continue this relationship between ink, fabric and thread.

6th February 2017

Where does new work belong?

14th March 2017

Beautiful News

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