in collaboration with Gucci as part of their #24HOURACE campaign. It was such a fun project. I love customising shoes and the video was shot and edited by Jono Ferreira (By Jono). The song is called This Dream, from Mac Motel (who you might know as Dank, DJ Caviar from Sedge Warbler, and half of SEAFOOD) which will be released in the future on a new album, I can tell you is going to be something REALLY special.

I'll leave the description from the professionals below, or view my project on the Gucci page here.

See the full #24HOURACE  project with amazing videos by other artist here.


The Cape Town-based artist Danielle Clough turns craft into art with her embroidery and felting. She can turn multicolored thread and fabric into anything, from a human portrait to dynamic animal imagery. This is fiber art, and Clough spreads it over tennis rackets as easily as shoes or clothing. The handmade results are delicate and colorful, splashes of inspiration in the city landscape. For Gucci Ace, Danielle adapts Alessandro Michele’s sneaker embroidery, echoing his bees and flowers with her own renderings of birds and fruit, plus felt baubles swinging from the laces. Sneakers, after all, are a reflection of the self, and they should be as customizable and as individual as the wearer. 

Text: Kyle Chaika
Concept and embroideries: Danielle Clough
Direction: Jono Ferreira
Sound design: Mac Motel

All the artists did a take over of the Gucci Snapchat too. Here are some screens of my behind the scenes